simple but not easy

simple but not easy

simple but not easysimple but not easysimple but not easy

Why ?

Additional Information

Does the world really need another blog? This is the question I asked myself before launching this domain, which is intended to put my experiences and learnings in my new job, to record.

The answer is simple: The world doesn't need it, but I do, and there are two (good) reasons for it that I will explore in the following:

The first reason is rather pragmatic. I sell cybersecurity and performance improvement for internet services. My typically prospects is the Chief Information Security Officer, the VP of Engineering or a Director of Networking and Infrastructure. It is a complex product, so what's closer to running, and securing, your own internet property to "test" and experience the product I sell.

More importantly than getting real-life exposure to my product is, that I need a place to capture everything I learn throughout my time as a Business Development Representative. A place where I can develop and test my hypothesis as well as major takeaways that I get from interacting with cybersecurity / infrastructure specialists on a daily basis. This blog will serve as this place and it help me to organize and revisit everything that I learn. Time will show whether it will help another person as well.